Product Parameter Determination & Monitoring

Product Parameter Determination & Monitoring

Product Info

The LUMiFlector® is a powerful measuring instrument for product parameter determination & monitoring. The innovative patented MRS-Technology® is the core of the instrument. It quantifies parameters of manifold products – no sample preparation, no chemicals. Application fields include food, feed, pharmaceutical, biotechnology products and medical nutrition and beyond.

Inline & At-Line



The Inline instrument is directly connected into the production line of your product in order to monitor the calibrated product parameters simultaneously.

The process interface is a standardized VARINLINE® housing, available in different pipe sizes and connection types, suitable for the measurement site. Connect the LUMiFlector® to your control room via industrial standard interface (analog signal , 4 -20 mA) for monitoring or controlling tasks.

Fast (< 20 s) and efficient long-term automatic monitoring and recording of product properties.



The At-line instrument is designed for process monitoring or quality control on a production site or in a laboratory. With its small footprint it can be easily placed besides the production line or in a QA/QC laboratory.

No chemicals, no additional waste, no additional costs. The optical interface is easily accessible and easy to clean, with just water and soap.

The instrument comes with a self-explaining user-friendly interface only. A short training of the operator is sufficient, no need for complicated or time-consuming training. Easy cleaning, handling, measurement, installation & operation guaranteed.

Application Areas
  • Quantification of specification of products based on suspensions or emulsions
  • Characterization of product properties resulting from dispersibility, homogenization, dilution
  • Automatic production monitoring and control
  • Process optimization
  • Milk standardization
  • Fast quality assessment
  • Large variety of liquid and semi-liquid products, i. e. dairy products, enteral nutrition, feed products, starch, soybean products, cells, yeast, suspensions, beverages, spicy sauces, dips, ketchup, slurries
  • Biotechnology
  • Determination of product specifications: fat, protein & total solids
  • Broad range of applications
  • Fast monitoring
  • Automatic process control
  • Efficient screening and QA
  • No preparation of the sample
  • No use of chemicals
  • No direct contact of sensors with the product
  • Easy to clean & easy to handle
  • Self-training
  • Low-maintenance
  • Stable and robust system