Pharma grade high pressure homogenizer

Pharma grade high pressure homogenizer

Pharma grade high pressure homogenizer

Pharma grade high pressure Homogenizer

Product Info PSI 20/40

PSI instruments are leading edge homogenizers - from laboratory to industrial scale - that mix technology and ergonomics. They are suitable for every industry, including the most demanding pharmaceutical, biochemical and food processing environments. Applications include CNT’s, Liposomes, (nano-)emulsions and (nanoparticle-)dispersions, etc.


The new PSI-20 and 40 pharmaceutical grade homogenizers are the ultimate in high pressure product processing, designed and manufactured by an expert team of engineers with many years experience in homogenisation and fluid processing. The PSI-20 is the perfect R&D unit with a flowrate of 20 L/h (2000 bar) and the PSI-40 offers you a range from lab research to up to medium-sized production batches.


The system is based on a fixed geometry processing chamber and with the more than 2000 bar pressure and the throughput of 20/40 litres per hour it delivers an extremely fine and uniform particle size distribution. PSI-20/40 can operate in both closed and open loop, from 60ml to continuous, with flowrates up to 60 l/h.


There is a range of various processing chambers available for use in emulsification, de-agglomeration, particle size reduction and downstream processing (i.e. cell-disruption).


PSI-20/40 are constructed from highest quality components including high technology ceramics and diamond for maximum robustness and reliability. The system is finished in electro-polished 316L stainless steel so enabling ease of cleaning and sterilisation.


Full digital monitoring and control allows for simplicity of use and precise control of all processing parameters, such as process pressure, product temperature and flow rate. This control method allows for quick and easy parameter setups and guarantees full scalability on all future product processing. A list of processing options is selectable to guarantee perfect integration for all process methods. Including ATEX, to Clean in Place, to Sterile in Place and Isolators for highly potential or hazardous materials.


The PSI-20/40 is offered with this wide range of functionality at a most competitive price. It is also the most compact and quietest (<70 dBA) system in this product category.


Application Areas

The PSI 20 & 40 for measuring CNT‘s, liposomes, nano dispersions, nano emulsions is suitable for every industry, including the most demanding pharmaceutical, biochemical and food processing environments.

The PSI 20 is for R&D while the PSI 40 has a range from research to medium sized production batches.

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  • lab to industrial scale
  • up to 2000 bar / fixed geometry
  • full digital control (p, T, V)
  • up to 20/60 L/h
  • silent operation < 70dBA
  • compact size
  • GMP compliant; Pharma grade
  • longlife interaction chambers
  • built-in diagnostics
  • 316L polished stainless steel